SIC Maui TAO Surf 9.6 (SST)
(Modell 2018)

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Based on our 2017 Flow Series, this board has been very well received for its overall geometry, weight, performance and value. This board has been a favorite for schools, rental fleets, recreational consumers, charter services, yoga classes and more. Featuring DSC and DWC construction, high quality single layer DSC and double sidewall construction, these boards will turn a first time experience into the experience of a lifetime. SIC believes that the first experience on the water needs to be a good one if people are going to catch the paddle bug and plug into the paddle community.
SIC Inflatables are derived from their composite counterpart. This means proven designs translate into the Air-Glide Series for unrivaled performance and convenience. SIC´s materials selection, shapes and constructions dictate performance and prove that not all inflatables are created equal. Strict quality control ensures that your boards are the best available. We are so confident in our quality construction that SIC offers a 2 Year Warranty on its Air-Glide Series boards.
(SLS, SST, DSW, DSC) - DROP STITCH CONSTRUCTION WITH SINGLE LAYER SKIN + STRINGER SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY AND DOUBLE SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION, two stage pump: dual action to rapidly inflate and single action to bring up to max psi (15 psi max), diamond groove EVA pad, carry handle, surf leash ring and towing nose ring, cargo net, patch kit, premium backpack, U.S. finbox compatible with Mahi 8'' (nylon) fin
• (DST) Dyneema stringer technology
• Ultra durable single layer PVC tarpaulin skin
• Double reinforced rail construction
• High pressure drop stitch construction (DSC) core
• Two stage pump: dual action to rapidly inflate and single action to bring up to max psi (10 psi min. to 15 psi max)
• Carry handle
• Cargo net, patch kit, wheelie backpack for easy transport and storage
• U.S. finbox compatible w/toolless FCS Connect 9.0'' fin for quick setup and breakdown
• All SIC Air Glide boards are 6'' thick

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